David Risley Gallery (DK)

James Aldridge & Charlie Roberts

David Risley Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Copenhagen NV representing new and emerging talent as well as established artists. David Risley Gallery opened in London in 2003 and relocated to Copenhagen in 2009. 


James Aldridge (b. 1971, UK) lives and works in Sweden. He received his BA in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University (1990-93) and his MA from Royal College of Art. Aldridge’s paintings are influenced by imagery from natural history field guides, Renaissance landscapes, John James Audubon’s watercolours and heavy metal music. Inky backgrounds, washes, and soft smoky areas of paint are offset by more graphic and silhouette forms, and his juxtaposition of realistic and heavily stylised depictions of nature invite us to reassess our relationship with the natural world.


Charlie Roberts (b. 1983 USA) lives and works in Oslo, Norway, New York and Los Angeles. He is educated at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancover, Canada and Kansas University, USA. Roberts’ various endeavours cross-pollinate, building myths amongst themselves. His works borrow from art-historical and pop cultural sources. The result becomes full of energy, determination and a unique expression which draws on the illusion of the good life and shows a fascination of hip-hop culture.



James Aldridge


Charlie Roberts